Mako (NPC)

Savant, Apostat


State: Sleeved
Bennies: 3
Reputation: -
Assets: 4

Agility: D6 (D6); Strength: D4 (D4); Smarts: D8 (D8); Spirit: D6;
Vigor: D6

Charisma: 0; Cohesion: -2; Toughness: 5(11); Parry: 2; Pace: 12m (10m)*

  • encumbered

Investigation: D6+1; Knowledge, Security: D6; Knowledge, Software: D8; Persuasion: D6; Shooting: D4; SINC: D8; Streetwise: D6

Hindrances: Apostate (Major), Incohesive (Major)
Edges: Savant, Fringe Rat

Alpha Biosleeve: Ugly hindrance removed (Cost 6), Apotheosis, Gene-Fixed,
Savant Programm: Fog of War
Light Rail-Pistol (R 20/40/80; D 2d6+1; ROF 1; Shots 12; AP 3; SA; -2 Notice to Detect; Silent Option; Wgt. 0,5; Cost 3), 4 Units of Ammo (Cost 2)
Light Battle Armor (Size 1; Armor 6; +1 Mod slot; PPC: Alpha Agent, Investigation +1; Interface Surface; Wgt. 20; Cost 5)
False CID (Authenticity 4; Rep-Rating 4; Cost 4)
Augmented Reality Display Device (Cost 2)


Mako (NPC)

Nova Praxis Toffte